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Our creative designers indulge the fashionable notions and aspirations of combining design with idea generation, precision, efficiency, technology, and constant innovation to attain our customers' demands and the ever-changing market trends


Our designers embrace innovative practices that push them deeper and further to develop apparel innovation—all in the pursuit of astounding transformation in the industry. Through creative client collaboration, Babylon Group guarantees the creation of apparel comfort and experiences.


Babylon operates its own design studio, "Watford Design Studio", which launched in 2017 in the UK's fashion hub of London and has excellent connections to the midlands and north. It serves as a link between customers and our organization, keeping fashion trends and customer preference in mind.

Studio at a Glance

Creative Apparel
Design Studio

Babylon Group's creative perception thrives with the most progressive design studio. Our brilliant endeavors instill trust and assurance in our clientele, allowing them to collaborate with us. The design studio consists of creativity, articulation to develop apparel innovation, and comprehensive scope to design fashionable apparels. Our aim is to enable the consumers to be able to knit personalized perfection to every stitch– creating ideas & delivering to our clients style.

Product Development & Improvement

Our designing team collaborates extensively with each of our partners to ensure that the products we design are the epitome of perfection & suitable for their customers. Considering fashionability, sustainability, innovative solutions, and value-added technology that will differentiate them from the competitors.

Collaboration in
3D Technology

We improved our production processes by integrating 3D technologies into our operations. By using 3D modeling and printing, we are able to create highly accurate prototypes, test new designs and reduce the time and cost of product development. The use of 3D technology allows us to optimize production processes and improve quality control, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective production process. By staying at the forefront of 3D technology, we are able to offer our customers the highest quality products and services while also reducing our environmental impact.