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Babylon takes pride in delivering all necessary support services to its clients and partners in order to provide a one-stop solution. Babylon Group's Support Services encompass packaging, washing, printing, and embroidery, which adds value to the business and its merchandise on the international market.Babylon Washing Ltd. entails the expertise in washing & dyeing operations. Juniper Embroideries ensures top-notch quality embroideries on both light & medium weight materials. Moreover, our printing unit, Babylon Printers Ltd. ensures authentic quality of printing facilities that has the capacity to produce 35,000 Pcs per day.


The washing unit comprises 26 washing/dyeing machines and 19 dry process machines of various sizes. Stone wash, tie dye/acid wash, dip dye/acid wash, enzyme wash, bleach wash, garment wash, silicone softener wash, and so on are the diverse wash types.

The embroidery unit can generate 80 million stitches per day in two shifts and 15,000 outfits per day in two shifts. The facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology.

The printing facility has ten machines, including six hydraulic heat presses, two mixers, and two curing machines. The printing facilities support Rubber Based & Oil Based (Plastisol Print/High Density), Pigment (Oil Based/Water Based), Flock Print, Discharge Print, Puff Print, Volcanic Print, Glitter Print, Photo Print, Crack Print, and Sticker Print.