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Diversified Businesses

Babylon has gradually diversified its products and services and expanded to 18 Strategic Business Units (SBU) in order to develop the group into a self-sufficient 21st century conglomerate. All of the units are supervised from the Dhaka headquarters, ensuring coordinated and smooth operation.


Apparel & Textile Manufacturing

Babylon's textiles and apparel manufacturing unit plays a crucial role in its success. The company has set up its first apparel production line, with a capacity to produce a significant number of shirts and blouses on a daily basis. Over time, Babylon has combined three of its primary facilities to increase production capacity

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RMG Backward Linkage

In addition to delivering a one-stop approach, Babylon's RMG Backward Linkage succeeds in offering its clientele with the essential services and support. Print & Embroideries, Garments Washing, Apparel Accessories, Labeling & Packaging are key components that adds value & entails competency in the global market.

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Agri Business

Babylon Agribusiness has operations in seed, crop protection, plant health management, non-agricultural pest control, and fisheries management sectors. Thus, incorporating an impact in society by sustaining livelihoods and establishing a healthy economy through trade

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Technology Business

Information Technology (IT) business of Babylon Group is prospering and dedicated to developing unique perspectives to contribute to technological advancement. Providing comprehensive life-cycle services to both the private and public sectors, as well as integrating various IT solutions to make corporate life more convenient

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International Logistics

Babylon's international logistics safeguards valuable import materials and export items against embezzlement and guarantees speedy delivery of the same. The unit provides services to external stakeholders who want to subcontract this particular service.

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