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Babylon Kothakota is an annual magazine by Babylon Group that showcases the artistic and passionate works of all Babylonians (existing and ex-members of Babylon Group). Exciting short stories, rhythmic poems, picturesque drawings, and many more creative works are portrayed in the magazine. It serves as a platform to inspire and motivate creative passions, as well as to bloom their talents. Through Babylon Kothakota, we tried to provide a glimpse into the imaginative and innovative spirit of the company highlighting the unique perception of our passionate employees. We believe that encouraging individuals to think creatively and providing them with the motivation to grow has not only helped them develop their own skills, but also has benefited the company by creating innovative patterns of growth.

Babylon Kathokata
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Download the magazine to immerse yourself in the creative perspectives of all Babylonians and appreciate artistic work throughout the publication.


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