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Aboni Textiles

Aboni Textiles Ltd. started its journey in 2001 to meet the industry’s evolving needs

  • Location: 169-171 Tetulzhora, Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka.
  • Floor Area: 115,527 Sq. Ft.
  • Daily Capacity: Knitting: 13ton, Dyeing: 20ton, Finishing: 18ton.
  • Products: Jersey, Rib, Fleece, CVC, Pique, Elastane Fabric, Easy Care Finish, Water Repellent Finish, Anti-Bacterial Finish, etc.
  • Major Customers: Zara, Tesco, H&M, Tao, E.Classic, Monoprix.

Babylon Group's cutting-edge knit fabrics production unit, Aboni Textiles Ltd., was established in 2001 with the goal of satisfying the need for knit garment manufacturing. Our diverse product range enables us to create new product categories by merging manufacturing techniques & our expertise in the apparel industry.