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We Unwrapped the 18th Issue of Babylon Kathokata

  • December 7, 2023

Yesterday, we celebrated a momentous occasion as we unwrapped the 18th issue of Babylon Kathokata! This little magazine is not just paper and ink; it’s a canvas where the voices of both our staff members and workers come to life.


At Babylon Kathokata, we believe in nurturing creativity at every level, and this magazine is the embodiment of that belief. Each page is a testament to the diverse perspectives and unique stories that make our workplace a thriving community of budding writers.


Special moments from the event include the presence of Mr. Mashrur Arefin, a distinguished writer and banker, who graced us as the chief guest. Besides, the welcoming words were eloquently delivered by our Group CEO, Mr. Arif Bhuiyan.


The unwrapping ceremony on December 6th was filled with joy, inspiration, and the warmth of shared stories. From the first glimpse to the last page, it’s a journey of creativity and imagination that we are proud to share with you. Thanks to everyone who has contributed their talent and passion to make Babylon Kathokata a beacon of creativity.


Swipe to catch a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes magic and the faces behind the words! For the e-book, please click: www.babylonkathokata.com