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  • March 23, 2023

Babylon Group – one of the trend setters in Bangladeshi Garment Industry in terms of good organizational practices, modern approaches, and strategic diversification, stands out in looking at the future.
The journey of 36+ years was full of noteworthy success stories as well as challenges that were prudently faced by its capable Team all the way. Eventually, the Group aims to sail far beyond the edge into the global sea to explore the future as one of the pioneers in upholding the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ brand. However, the future is even more challenging/competitive, multifaceted, as well as highly technology driven, where synchronization and adaptability of the human capital is the key to best fit in the global industry ecosystem.
The dynamic investors of Babylon believe in building capable generations to take it to the next level by leveraging its strengths. Hence, an inclusive transformation is crucial to fortify the entire Governance Framework of the Group and to ensure its readiness towards a sustainable future.
Thus, to turn to a future ready organization, Babylon has initiated a transformation project, named as “BABYLON NEXT” in collaboration with seasoned experts from ZUNOKS Consulting and its home grown leaders. This project shall help redesigning the organization towards building a culture where performance excellence, accountability, and the Babylon values are embedded in the DNA. Babylon is seen to be a ground, where ‘Leadership’ shall be a supply-chain not only for the organization itself, but for the industry at large.
In such a commitment, the full team has been captured in a frame at BCDM, Savar.