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Inauguration of Babylon Kathokata – 17th Edition

  • December 1, 2022

Babylon Kathokata is one of Babylon’s creative initiatives. The journey of this in-house magazine started with a dream to create an opportunity for development of artistic faculties of our employees.

Babylon Kathokata is an annual publication and preparation for this goes on throughout the year. Each write-up, sketch, cover design, editorial, etc. of this magazine is the outcome of thoughts, talent, effort and affection of the present and ex-employees of Babylon, which is an exceptional example of our thriving together as one family.

By publishing this 16th issue, Babylon Kathokata has walked through sixteen consecutive Decembers. Like a baby survives and grows from its birth toward a mature life! Today Babylon Kathokata is moving forward almost at the same pace by holding the hand of a 36-year old young man, named ‘Babylon’! In the future it will stand on its own feet, walk and run – that is our expectation.

On this year’s unwrapping ceremony, the well-known writer and cartoonist, Mr. Ahsan Habib is expected to join us as chief guest. We hope that you also join us to share our joys on 13 December 2021 at 2.50 pm.