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Spectacular Product Fair

  • December 2, 2023

Last week marked the culmination of our spectacular product fair! Our Sales and Merchandising team, Design and Development experts, and CAD & Sample team showcased their brilliance in a festive atmosphere.


This exclusive event was crafted for our internal staff, the heartbeat of Babylon Group. Our teams passionately described their creations, ensuring every staff member gained a clear understanding of the quality and uniqueness behind each product.


We were honored to have our Board of Directors, Group CEO, Group CFO, and COO Apparel Division present. Their invaluable insights and advice have sparked new ideas and set the stage for future innovations.


Though the product fair is over, the impact remains. Our teams’ dedication and hard work shine through in every garment. Stay tuned for more glimpses into the latest in ready-made garments from Bangladesh. From fabric to fashion, we’re breaking barriers and setting trends within our Babylon family.


A Big Thank You to everyone who made this product fair a success! Your commitment to excellence is what makes Babylon truly special.