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Babylon's prime objective was to serve in-house packaging demand, but as years progressed, the unit, Babylon Trims grew to emerge as one of the industry's leading packaging and trims factories. In 2003, Babylon Group established its packaging factory, Babylon Trims Ltd.

Carton Boxes (auto virgin paper & regular recycle paper), Card Boards, Tissue Paper, Back Boards, Neck Boards, Poly Bags, Offset Printing Press, Printed labels, Care labels, Plastic Clips, Collar Inserts, Tie Beds, Gum Tapes, and Photo Inlay Boards are all manufactured by this facility. Thus, appealing to the high grade raw materials essential in the RMG industry


Babylon Group is devoted to providing elevated accessories to our valued customers in order to ensure their absolute fulfillment. We ensure to produce high-quality clothing accessories such as buttons, zippers, snaps, labels, patches, and other trim pieces for garments. Thus, enabling satisfaction and trust amongst our customers and fashion brands around the world.

Our unwavering commitment to quality, timely service, and competitive pricing gives us an advantage over competitors in the same industry. Babylon Group considers itself privileged and proud to satisfy our customers' needs with excellent service.